Our very first Japan National Tournament(7/26-27) is over.

Hello NFLJ community,

We’re overjoyed by the success of our very first Japan National Tournament held on Sunday, July 26th and Monday, July 27th! We had 58 public forum debate teams from Japan, 11 international debate teams from China and Taiwan, and 16 original oratory speakers compete in this year’s competition. This national tournament was our single greatest success of 2015 as an organization and everything we hoped for this weekend. We’re blown away by the students, coaches, parents and supporters from around the world who joined us for two intense days filled with scholarly debate and impassioned speeches.



(Debate finalists, their coaches and NFLJ executives)



(Debate semi-finalists and Mr.Takano, NFLJ executive)



(Debate quarter finalists and Mr.Fukuhara, NFLJ executive)



(Speech finalists and Mr.Cherian Koshy from NFL U.S. )

Our mission as an organization has been to connect people, ideas and resources to empower Japanese youth to demand for a greater voice in global conversations. Although we have a long way to go before we get there, we’re happy that we’ve taken one small step towards giving NFLJ youth a platform to make their voices heard. Through debate, we hope to build a more peaceful, prosperous and virtuous world.

Thank you to all our sponsors and koen supporters — Kinki Nippon Tourist, NEC, Mori Building, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Delta Airlines, Canon, Institution for a Global Society (IGS), the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), and U.S. Embassy Tokyo — who helped make this tournament come to life. Without your support, none of this would have been possible.

In particular, courtesy of our sponsor Delta Airlines, our finalists in both the original oratory and public forum debate competitions will get fully-funded airfare tickets to compete in the 2016 US National Speech and Debate Tournament hosted in Salt Lake City, UT.

We are very proud of our finalists and all the contestants in this year’s tournament who demonstrated the best of Japan’s future global leaders.

Congratulations to our tournament champions and top teams from this year’s competition!

2015 NFLJ National Tournament Original Oratory Speech Champion: Yuri Suzuki (Shorin Global High School)

2015 NFLJ National Tournament Public Forum Debate Champion: St. Mary’s International School (Shun Igarashi and TaeJun Seo)

Original Oratory Speech Finalists

Yuri Suzuki (Shorin Global High School)
Yuki Hayashi (Saitama Prefectural Urawa Senior High School)

Public Forum Debate Finalists

St. Mary’s International School (Shun Igarashi and TaeJun Seo)
Ritsumeikan Uji A (Shu Amano and Soi Kikuchi)

Public Forum Debate Semifinalists

Ritsumeikan Uji B (Kanta Sato and Ryoma Yagi)
Shorin Global C (Aika Miyazawa and Sora Sakasai)

Public Forum Debate Quarterfinalists

India International School A (Adhikari Avani and Mohini Sharma)
Mito Daiichi C (Rei Syatari and Tsuyoshi Nemoto)
Okayama Joto C (Yuki Takasugi and Leonardo Elementi)
Shanghai FLS (Qianqian Wu and Weiyuan Cui)

Public Forum Debate Octa-finalists

Chengdu FSL A (Li Tao and Zilin Zhou)
Hangzhou 2&14 (Xinyi He and Zhengyuan Li)
Hangzhou Xuejun (Chuting Yu and Yiying Chen)
Kaisei-Tsukuba (Rintaro Komori and Suguru Seo)
Nanjing FSL (Zhihe Chen and Yuji Tian)
Okayama Joto A (Yuka Muranishi and Rina Sachida)
Ritsumeikan Uji D (Takeru Matsui and Rintaro Koizumi)
Taiwan IBST A (Andre Hsu and Bill Cheng)

We’ve never believed we could fulfill NFLJ’s vision alone, and this tournament was a culmination of so many individuals’ hard work and the participation by so many of our partner schools and volunteers. It was a special testament to the legacy NFLJ’s impact is having on the education community here in Japan. Thank you to all our supporters, both in Japan and outside of Japan, for believing in us since the beginning.

We will be uploading many videos, pictures and statements from Day 1 and Day 2 in the next week. Stay tuned for more coverage of last weekend’s tournament!

-NFLJ Team


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