Original Oratory deadline 6/1⇒7/12

Hello NFLJ Community,

We have an important announcement to make for all Original Oratory Speech applicants entering the Japan National Tournament. We’d like to let you all know that the deadline for speech applicants to submit their speech and send us a video of their oration via Youtube will be Sunday, July 12, 2015.

Make sure to take this time to come up with some creative, original pieces and work hard practicing your speech. Practice in the mirror, with your dog, with your friends/english teachers, quietly on the train…anywhere is good! Based on the quality of the applicant’s oration, we will pick out the best speeches and invite these students to the Japan National Tournament!

Take a look at the attached Forbes article about how to give a great speech. See what you can do to work these tips into your speech and you’ll feel much more confident giving your speech in front of 2 people, 20 people, or even 200 people.

Good luck and may the best speech win!…/public-speaking-speeches-communicat…


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