Oita Debate Tournament is coming soon!!

Long time no see, NFLJ community!
Although you may think we’ve been living under a rock here in Tokyo, we’ve actually been happily busy getting geared up for our big June tournament. We’re very excited for the competition and would like to take this time to announce the list of 10 schools who will compete in NFLJ’s very first Oita Debate Tournament.


The schools are:

Hiroshima: Hiroshima Jogakuin Junior and Senior High School
Kyoto: Ritsumeikan Uji Junior and Senior High School
Tokyo: St. Mary’s International School
Oita: OitaUenogaoka (Shimogori English Institute)
Chiba: Shorin Global High School
Fukuoka: Shuyukan High School
Okayama: Okayama Joto High School
Oita: Iwata High School
Saitama: Urawa Prefectural High School
Hiroshima: Takeda High School

The winners of this tournament will get to travel to America and compete in the US National Tournament in Salt Lake City next year against hundreds of teams from all around the world! This will be an incredible life experience and we can’t wait to see who will bring home the gold.


Thank you to everyone who applied to join our competition. We wish all the participants good luck, and may the best team win! Afterwards, you’ll all have time to enjoy a relaxing onsen in one of Beppu’s world famous hot springs. Do your best


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