Oita Workshop(4/25) is over


On Saturday (4/25), we had our final teachers’ training workshop in Oita. Teachers from Iwata High School, Uenogaoka High School, Maizuru High School, Oita High School, Shimogori English Institute, Shuyukan High School and Hiji Sougo High School attended a memorable workshop. This event was particularly sp  ecial for NFLJ Executive, Mr. Kenji Takano, and NFLJ Debate Coach, Chris Organ, both whom have strong roots in Oita Prefecture.


4/25(土)に最後の先生向けワークショップを大分で行って参りました。岩田学園岩田中学校・高等学校、上野丘高等学校、大分舞鶴高等学校、大分中学校・大分高等学校、下郡英会話学院、修猷館高等学校、そして日出総合高等学校の先生方が参加してくださいました。このイベントは私共にとっても記念すべきワークショップとなりました。といいますのが、NFLJの代表理事である高野憲治とNFLJ公式ディベート講師であるChris Organにとっても大分はゆかりがある場所だからです。

Four students from Iwata High School debated the topic: high school students should be allowed to change their hair color. Despite it being their first time trying Public Forum Debate, Ruka, Yuki, Reina and Keito prepared very well organized, structured speeches and crossfire questions. Both teams were very kind and extremely polite as each side advanced their strongest arguments. All of them show great promise as future leaders within Japan and represented the best of Oita Prefecture both during the debate and after the debate.


岩田学園の4人の生徒さんたちが行ってくれたディベートのトピックは「高校生は髪の色を変えてもよいか?」でした。Public Forum Debate をやるのは初めてという彼ら(Rukaさん、Yukiさん、Reinaさん、Keitoさん)でしたが、よくまとまった、しっかりと構成されたスピーチと質疑応答でした。どちらのチームも、厳しい議論を交わしましたが、とても優しく非常に礼儀正しい生徒さんたちでした。彼らの今回そして今後の活躍は、これからの日本を牽引するリーダーとして、また大分県の最も素晴らしい代表となってくれることを約束してくれるものでした。

We were very happy to learn that Oita Goudou Shinbun published an article on NFLJ in their Sunday newspaper, discussing the ways in which NFLJ pushes Japanese youth to become stronger public speakers and future global leaders. As one of the prefectures in Japan with the highest number of foreigners living and working, we’re convinced our work will have a profound impact on shaping Oita’s youth and help bring a more interconnected, global future to the Kyushu region.


We want to thank all the schools and students who participated in the workshop this weekend and made it such a success. With the Oita Pre-National Tournament right around the corner, we wish everyone the best of luck with their preparations and can’t wait to see schools from around the entire country compete for the top prize at our very first official NFLJ debate tournament.


Oita, we’ll see you again in June!


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