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無論ただ自分のの意見を述べるだけでなく、相手の意見もしっかりと聞き入れた上 で反論を考えることを学びました。もちろんディベート技術は上がりますが同時に格段に視野も広がります。

今回のStarting Session (12月21日 2014)では夏に行われるNFLJ本大会の説明だけでなく、実際40分のリサーチタイムを設けた上で2対2のディベートを二部屋に分かれて行います。なのでとても身のある練習になるはずです。また、ジャッジも公正にジャッジ経験のある方をお呼びしています。


“THBT students should sleep before tests”


なかなか議論のしがいのある議題です:) 是非参加して暑い議論をしましょう!また、ベストスピーカーとしてスターバックスカードか図書カード1000円分がもらえます♪


















開催場所は渋谷にあるigs オフィスで行います。

Hello! I am one of the NFLJ high schooler staff working for the coming up Starting Session 2014. My name is Rena and I have lived in the US and Germany for eight years.  The reason I am participating as a NFLJ staff is because I myself would like to proliferate debate more in Japan.

Japanese high schools usually do not include debating in their school curriculum and many students end their high school life without having any chance of debating. And this is very wasteful. Debating teaches so many things such as gaining unique perspective, learning how to logically oppose to the opponent and can gain great confidence to oneself. Through my experiences, these aspects are especially lacking between high schooler in Japan.  I felt this way because I have attended to four different types of school. Public school in Japan, Japanese school in Germany, International School in Germany and public school in the United States.

Through my school life, I realized the difference in the ability of students attending to different types of school.

At the public school I attended in United States and International school in Germany, my class mates where very interactive and stated clever opinions during class time. I myself became very enthusiastic to each class and enjoyed the classes a lot. However when I came back to Japan, the classes were mainly lectures and nobody raised there hands during class times. I couldn’t say what I wanted to say, what I thought was contradicting, and couldn’t even ask questions. But this is because everybody thinks lecture style classes are normal and does not know they even have a chance to state in class. So I wish I can change this fixed idea by introducing debate.

As I previously said, debate is a very informative textbook and I thought this is what Japanese students should experience in order to be confident to state their opinion.

SO! For the first step, we have organized a session towards the coming up NFLJ competition in summer 2015. It will be held at Shibuya igs office.

The schedule will be like below ↓


Please press “Going” to attend the December 21st Starting Session 2014

See you there!


Thanks, Rena


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